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Setting the Kent Police budget

where your money goes

The PCC is responsible for the Kent Police budget of £333.3m for 2018/19. He uses this money to make Kent a safer place to live and work and, as taxpayers, you have a right to see how he spends it.

The charts below show at-a-glance where this money comes from (on the left) and where it is being allocated (on the right).
Charts showing the percentages of where Kent Police's budget comes from, and how it is spent by the OPCC.

More detail is provided in the Medium Term Financial Plan for 2017/18 to 2021/22, and the Chief Finance Officer's accompanying report.

Council tax precept

The PCC is responsible for setting the police part of the council tax bill, known as the police precept.

Following consultation with the public and local partners, the PCC's proposal to set the precept for 2018/19 at £169.15 for an average (Band D) property was approved at a meeting of the Kent and Medway Police and Crime Panel on 8 February 2018. This is an increase of £1 a month, or 7.6%, on the 2017/18 precept and has empowered the Chief Constable to embark on Kent Police's biggest recuitment drive for a generation. The PCC's reponse to the panel, acknowledging its members' unanimous support, is available here.


The reserves is the savings that the Police and Crime Commissioner has 'in the bank' to support the annual budget, fund investment in transformational projects and to use when necessary to mitigate against any financial risks. There is no defined minimum level of reserves that PCCs must hold.

In Kent the PCC, with advice from the Chief Finance Officer and taking into account local and national circumstances, has agreed that a general non-earmarked reserve of 3% of the net budget (around £10million) is maintained for unforeseeable events - such as Operation Stack, large public order incidents, major investigations and civil incidents like flooding.

The OPCC's Reserves Strategy is available here, as well as a summary of the current reserves position.


See details of our Treasury Management strategy and the Statements of Accounts below. 

contracts, assets and liabilities

All contracts, assets and liabilities are in the name of the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.

View further details of contracts held.

View our register of assets (land and buildings). 
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