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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice
When a crime has been committed or an incident has occurred, Restorative Justice offers an opportunity for the victim, the offender and sometimes members of the community to come together to discuss how to repair the harm caused.

The Victims' Code states that the police should inform victims about how they can take part in Restorative Justice. The victim and offender’s participation is always voluntary.

Restorative Justice can be a very powerful tool in reducing reoffending. It enables victims to tell offenders the real impact of their crimes, get answers and possibly receive an apology. It also gives offenders the chance to understand what they have done, take responsibility for their actions and consider ways to make amends for their behaviour.

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Restorative justice in Kent

Police and Crime Commissioners are responsible for commissioning Restorative Justice schemes in their force area. The Kent PCC has the aspiration to refresh and re-launch Restorative Justice approaches here, in autumn 2017.

In November 2016 he invited the public and partners to take part in a consultation to help him understand the current Restorative Justice landscape in Kent and look for opportunities to develop and enhance future Restorative Justice provisions.

In April 2017, the PCC began inviting potential providers to tender to deliver Restorative Justice services in Kent from October 2017. The new model will:

• Reduce the harm caused to individuals and communities as a result of crime
• Support victims' long term recovery
• Support offenders to understand the effect of their actions
• Restore confidence in the criminal justice system

The tender documentation and full contract specification are available via the Kent Police Bravo e-tendering portal. Potential bidders will need to register their details to view the documentation.

The deadline to bid to tender to deliver Restorative Justice services in Kent from October 2017 is Friday 2 June 2017. Click here for more information.

In the long term it is hoped the scheme will reduce crime rates; evidence shows that offenders who have to face up to their victims are less likely to commit more crimes.

In the meantime, while a fully consulted and evaluated model is developed, the PCC has commissioned SALUS to continue dealing with Restorative Justice referrals for young people. Referrals for adults are being handled by Kent Mediation Service.

If you've been a victim of crime and you would like to be considered for Restorative Justice, please call Kent Mediation Service on 01622 692843.

make a referral

If you represent a partner agency and you know of a victim who may benefit from being referred into Kent Mediation Service's Restorative Justice programme then please fill out the referral form below.

Please note, this form will be sent directly to Kent Mediation Service and not to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
Victim details
Victim gender:*

Is the victim known to the offender?:*

If yes, are they in a relationship?:

Is the victim willing to engage in RJ?:*

Is the victim interested in learning more about RJ?:*

Has the victim been contacted yet?:*

Offender details
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