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Victim Specialist Services Fund

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All PCCs have responsibility for commissioning services which support victims of crime in their area.

In Kent the PCC's core countywide service is provided by Victim Support from Compass House but he also funds other organisations to deliver more specialist support services. Bids were invited for 2019/20 at a maximum of £50,000 per project.

In particular, the PCC was looking to deliver services that:
  • Meet the support needs of victims or, as appropriate, family members and act in their interests;
  • Are free of charge and confidential;
  • Are non-discriminatory (including being available to all regardless of residence status, nationality or citizenship);
  • Are available whether or not a crime has been reported to the police;
  • Are available before, during and for an appropriate time after any investigation or criminal proceedings;
  • Demonstrate collaborative working with other providers to ensure joined up service delivery and referral pathways;
  • Demonstrate innovative and evidence based working practices;
  • Show an understanding and ability to respond to emerging trends, crime types and new working practices; and
  • Deliver clear outcome reporting.
The PCC would not support funding bids that overlapped with existing services being directly commissioned, or where services were being commissioned by another agency which the PCC already provides a funding contribution towards. Please see the full VSS grant funding conditions, and our privacy policy.

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