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Mental Health and Policing Fund

Mental Health and Policing Fund
One of the PCC’s priorities is making sure that people with mental health issues who come into contact with the police have access to the right support. These may be victims, witnesses, or offenders and could range from being in crisis to a missing person or needing to access the right support mechanisms within their communities.

Due to this, funding has been allocated within the commissioning budget to enable the PCC to support schemes and or projects which directly relate to this priority. The funding allocated to mental health is divided between:
  • Projects in existence and those which have been developed since the PCC entered office in May 2016
  • New and innovative projects to be developed
However, both elements will be subject to the same monitoring and governance processes.

The amount currently available for new services is £150,000.

before you apply

Applications to the Mental Health and Policing Fund for 2017/18 are now being accepted.

The maximum grant available per project is £10,000. In cases of joint bids for cross-border projects, a maximum bid of £20,000 can be requested. Funding will not be used to support mental health services that are the responsibility of health providers nor to support those services where statutory funding has been withdrawn or reduced. 

For detailed information about the funding criteria, please read the PCC’s Commissioning Strategy.

Apply using the form below by 30 May 2017. Alternatively, you can email to request a Word document which you can send back to us.


Organisation details
Who is your work aimed at, what benefits do you seek to achieve?
Please tick the type of organisation that best defines you:*

Is this a partnership bid?:*

Project/service details
If applying for the Safer in Kent Fund, please select which criteria your project sets to achieve:

If applying for the Mental Health and Policing Fund, please select which criteria your project sets to achieve:

Max. 500 words
E.g. what geographical locations in Kent will your project be located in? And identify any venues.
If the amount is different to the total cost of the project, please highlight how the remaining monies will be funded.
Please provide a breakdown of how the funding will be spent, e.g. staff costs, venue hire, etc.
E.g. match funding, use of volunteers, etc.
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