One of the PCC’s priorities is making sure people with mental health issues who come into contact with the police have access to the right support. This includes victims, witnesses and offenders. They could be in crisis or a missing person or needing to access support in the community.

Around a third of all of Kent Police's time is spent dealing with mental health issues, and the PCC created the Mental Health and Policing Fund to address this trend by supporting relevant schemes and projects.

Up to £20,000 is available for:
  • Projects that ensure those with mental health issues that come into contact with the Police are able to access the right support
  • Raising awareness and deliver training on mental issues that may result in people coming into contact with the Police
  • Preventative projects which enable those with mental health issues that may come into contact with the police to be diverted
  • Delivering alternative places of safety or safe places for those suffering a mental health crisis to access support
  • Projects that reduce demand on policing

Funding recipients

Grant recipients 2019/20

Talk It Out, Deal Let's Keep Talking mental health well-being cafe  10,000
Tunbridge Wells Mental Health Resource Serenity Café out-of-hours support  12,705
Dads Unlimited, Ashford Mental health support group, and schools liaison officer to make links where children are involved in domestic disputes  19,920
Dover Outreach Centre Cognitive behavioural therapy nurse for homeless people  10,000
Homeless Care Mental health specialist to support people attending the centre with mental health needs 10,000
Sevenoaks District Community Safety Partnership Mental Health Support project, including drop-in centre 11,666
Shepway Sports Trust A Step Back into Community - promoting individuals becoming more physically and socially active 13,500
Sevenoaks Local District Policing Team, Kent Police The Lewis Project - promoting mental wellbeing in young people through music 10,000