On 2 May 2020, the Government announced extra funding to support vulnerable people during the Covid-19 outbreak including £25m to be administered by the Ministry of Justice through Police and Crime Commissioners.
The Kent PCC was allocated up to £624,000 of that £25m, depending on the need identified in Kent.
The funding is broken down into three areas:
  • domestic abuse services the PCC already commissions: £312,000
  • domestic abuse services not currently commissioned by the PCC: £156,000
  • sexual violence services, whether already commissioned by the PCC or not: £156,000

The funding will cover contingency funding needs from 24 March 2020 (first day of lockdown) to 31 October 2020. Funding may be used to cover both incurred and anticipated additional costs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, funding may be used to:

  • address short term income disruption;
  • meet essential costs of sustaining current activities, such as the purchasing of assets to support the move to remote and digital working, and additional staff to cover those unable to work for reasons related to the pandemic; and
  • address increased demand.

Recipients of funding from the MOJ Covid-19 Fund (£640,380.80)

  • Victim Support:      £83,138.33
  • Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Service:      £49,779.86
  • Dads Unlimited:      £8,555.09
  • Choices:      £64,366.90
  • Family Matters:      £37,004.18
  • Look Ahead:      £18,096.22
  • Oasis Domestic Abuse Service:      £32,427.58
  • Fresh Visions People Ltd:      £59,520.00
  • Clarion Housing:      £30,482.36
  • East Kent Rape Crisis Centre:      £3,205.00
  • Davss:      £56,489.28
  • Health Action (HACO):      £10,405.40
  • Dandelion Time:      £69,693.76
  • NSPCC:      £1,934.84
  • SATEDA:      £61,637.00
  • The Mary Dolly Foundation:      £24,840.00
  • CrimeStoppers Trust:      £7,050.00
  • Restorative Solutions:      £21,755.00