Recognising the difficulties his commissioned services are experiencing during the Covid-19 pandemic, the PCC created a £100,000 Emergency Fund to support them.

The funding is for those whose ability to deliver services currently and in the future has been adversely impacted by the pandemic - perhaps because they have been unable to fundraise or because they are having to invest in new IT to deliver their services remotely. Or, the money could be used to fund new services set up specifically in response to Covid-19.

Up to £10,000 was available for each of the providers already commissioned to deliver services by the PCC, or through the county's Violence Reduction Unit.

As normal, funding is intended for:

  • Services, projects or initiatives that support delivery of the PCC's Safer in Kent Plan and prevent or reduce crime, disorder or anti-social behaviour; and/or
  • Services or projects that support victims of crime and where appropriate immediate family members.

It was incumbent on those applying for funding that they fully read and understood the Grant Conditions below, as the submission of an application form and acceptance of any subsequent funding offer is accepted as an automatic agreement to the conditions.

Recipients of funding from the PCC’s Covid-19 Fund: (£52,655.56)

  • Total Insight Theatre:       £6,574.90
  • Rubicon Cares:       £10,000.00
  • Victim Support:       £9,924.00
  • Dandelion Time:       £10,000.00
  • DAVSS:       £8,191.00
  • Dads Unlimited:       £7,965.66