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Chief Constable tells PCC that crime recording practices have improved

Chief Constable tells PCC that crime recording practices have improved
Matthew Scott, the Police and Crime Commissioner, has been assured by the Chief Constable that Kent Police has improved its crime recording practices.
In June, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) found Kent Police was only correctly recording around 84 per cent of reported crimes, meaning 24,000 crimes a year were not making it onto the force’s books.
Speaking at his quarterly Performance and Delivery Board meeting on 27 September, at which he holds Kent Police’s Chief Constable Alan Pughsley to account in public, Mr Scott said:

‘The results weren’t good.’

He went on to ask the Chief Constable:

‘Hypothetically, if HMIC was to return tomorrow – you know I intend to invite them back sooner than later – are you absolutely confident that they would find greater accuracy?’

Chief Constable Pughsley was keen to emphasise nobody within Kent Police was ‘supressing crime in any way, shape or form’.
He said improvements had been made to the force’s administrative processes around Crime Data Integrity accuracy, and that those improvements explained why recorded crime in Kent had increased.
Chief Constable Pughsley added:

‘If you rolled forward to the end of the year, if we said January 2018 for example and HMIC came in and inspected our data then, I would be wholly confident that our accuracy would be regularly at 90-plus per cent.’

Mr Scott said after the meeting:

‘I am satisfied with the actions the force has taken and the Chief Constable has provided me with assurances that, when the force is looked at again, we wouldn’t be in the same situation as we were found earlier this year. A lot of lessons have been learned, processes have been changed, and training has been done.’

He again stated his intention to write to HMIC, inviting its inspectors to return to Kent to inspect the force again at a suitable time.

He said:

‘We await to see what happens when I do invite HMIC back, probably next year.'

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