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PCC publishes Annual Report setting out work since May 2016

PCC publishes Annual Report setting out work since May 2016
Matthew Scott, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent, has published his Annual Report which details some of his key achievements since he took office.

Giving a brief overview of the report at a meeting of the Kent and Medway Police and Crime Panel on 20 June, Mr Scott said:

‘One of my proudest achievements in terms of projects that I have supported is the return of Volunteer Police Cadets. We’ve got six units up and running, with Gravesham the next one to come online hopefully in September, with the ambition over the next couple of years to have at least one in every single district.

‘I’ve increased the investment in schemes to prevent people coming to the attention of police as a result of either mental ill health or mental health crisis. I felt it was about time, given the level of demand, that a big and bold statement of intent was required that said we’re also going to try and prevent demand on policing as a result of mental health.

‘I’ve also increased investment in diversionary projects for young people and also for community safety projects and in line with that I maintained my pledge to protect funding for Community Safety Partnerships in cash terms last year.’

Mr Scott also spoke about the consultation work he had done in preparation for publishing Safer in Kent: The Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan; and pointed to the fact that police officer numbers and the numbers of PCSOs were going up thanks to extra investment from his office, reserves and also council tax payers.

Under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, the PCC must produce an Annual Report which documents progress made in meeting the objectives within his Police and Crime Plan.

The report also discharges the PCC's duty under the Ministry of Justice’s grant agreement for victim services funding, to specify the support services he has commissioned or provided with a grant, including referral services.

The Kent and Medway Police and Crime Panel is responsible for scrutinising the PCC’s work.

Panel chairman Mike Hill commented:

‘Thank you Commissioner for your very comprehensive report.’

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