Published 17 December 2020

Matthew Scott, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has welcomed the government’s announcement today that will see Kent Police increase in size by a further 145 Officers.

The Home Office announced a grant increase for Kent Police of £10.1m as well as flexibility for the PCC to increase council tax by £15 per year, or roughly £1.25 per month for the average Band D property.

Matthew said:

“I am optimistic that this is a good settlement for policing in Kent. It will mean that I will have helped deliver over 800 more Police since I was elected in 2016. This has been achieved with the support of local council tax payers and working with the Government to make the case for an increase in Police numbers.”

When Matthew was elected in 2016, Kent had 3182 Police Officers, rising to 3847 this year. The 145 announced today will take Kent Police to 3992 by March 2022.

Matthew added:

“We have more Police in Kent than ever before, and when this next uplift is delivered, we will have 205 more Officers than in 2010. You have the opportunity to influence where these Officers will be deployed by completing my Annual Policing Survey, which can be found at”


A formal Budget plan will be published in January.