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Public consultations

As Kent's Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott sets the strategic priorities for Kent Police.

Earlier this year he published Safer in Kent: The Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan. The plan is kept under constant review and is regularly updated in line with what local communities want.

Mr Scott wants to know what matters most to you, so please take the time to fill out our short survey and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to fill one in as well. You do not need to provide your name or any contact details if you do not wish to.

A summary of responses will be published here when the Safer in Kent Plan is next updated.

Please remember that the Safer in Kent Plan only sets the strategic priorities for Kent Police - it cannot amend or change the way officers are deployed or the way operational decisions are made. These are matters for the Chief Constable to determine. The PCC's job is to hold the Chief Constable to account for the delivery of the plan and its strategic objectives on your behalf.

Thank you
Part one - Ride Along Scheme
Public trust and confidence in Kent Police is important to me, so I operate a Ride Along scheme where a small group of volunteers has the opportunity to observe policing patrols. The volunteers then report back to me on what they have seen, helping me hold the force to account. I am considering opening this scheme up to the wider public, but first I want to know what you think. It would still be the case that anyone wishing to take part would need to pass a security check to ensure the safety of all involved. An alternative idea would be to allow members of the public to sit on a panel, reviewing footage of police officers dealing with a wide range of incidents. The footage would have been routinely recorded on the officers’ Body Worn Video cameras. My question is:*

Part two - What matters to you?
Which of these issues which Kent Police deals with are most important to you? Please select a maximum of eight:*

Part three - Council tax precept
Around two-thirds of the Kent Police budget comes from central Government. The remaining third comes from council tax. Currently, an average household in Kent pays £157.15 a year from their council tax towards policing. Do you think this amount of £157.15 per year is fair?:*

Would you be willing to pay a little more towards policing if necessary?:*

Max 100 characters
Part four - Working with others
Do you think it is a good idea that the emergency services work more closely together to improve community safety where you live?:*

Do you think the emergency services should share buildings, provided that saved money and made them more responsive?:*

Part five - About you
You do not have to give any personal details if you don’t want to
You do not have to give any details if you don’t want to
You do not have to give any details if you don’t want to
You do not have to give any details if you don’t want to

Previous consultations

council tax precept

At the start of 2017, the PCC asked for the public's views on his council tax precept proposal. This feedback helped the PCC determine the policing precept for 2017/18.

Read our report summarising the feedback received.

safer in kent plan

The OPCC has produced a report which summarises the feedback received from the Safer in Kent 2017-2021: Autumn 2016 survey.

In addition the raw data has been made publicly available within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. In order to protect the anonymity of individual organisations’ feedback, the names of organisations have been replaced with a description of the type of organisation which responded. The PCC invites members of the public and partners to review the spreadsheet and draw their own conclusions.

This feedback helped the PCC create his Safer in Kent: The Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan for 2017-2021.

restorative justice survey

Read our report summarising the feedback received from the 2016 Restorative Justice survey. Thank you to all who responded.

This feedback has helped shape the provision of Restorative Justice services in Kent beyond October 2017.
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